EEP – Ecobank

The aim of the Ecosystem Enterprise Partnership – Ecobank(EEP-Ecobank) is to work with land managers, industry, conservation managers and communities to allow the potential growth of Pembrokeshire’s economy while improving the environment of the Milford Haven and Cleddau catchment.

There is a growing concern over the loss of biodiversity in Pembrokeshire with the majority of Pembrokeshire Marine SAC features in unfavourable conservation status and nutrient loading into the Milford Haven  identified as a key priority action. The waterway is considered as being “full” with no headroom in the Milford Haven catchment, this presents a potential barrier to development and therefore any future schemes requiring a permit to discharge into the catchment will require some form of offsetting scheme.

The EEP-Ecobank has emerged in response to growing recognition of the need to create a new, innovative and collaborative approach to how we manage our natural resources. The project aim was to carry out a feasibility study testing the validity of a market-based offsetting scheme that provides a streamlined, consistent and robust nutrient assessment process.

This website provides full access to the feasibility study conducted in 2015 and a background to Payment for Ecosystem Services.

  • Global Ecosystem Banking Initiatives

  • Review and analysis of Pembrokeshire case studies

  • Land Manager Assessments - Credits

Next Steps

Through the Building Resilience into Catchments(BRICs) project further developments are being made to create an enterprise capable of running a nutrient based trading scheme.  BRICs is a 3 year(2017-2019), £600,000+ project, led by the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and PLANED. It is funded under the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) which aims to support activities that will improve the management of Wales’ natural resources, and in doing so contribute to the well-being of our rural communities. BRICs is a combination of on the ground actions to improve water quality with the creation of a nutrient trading scheme which will allow the economy of Pembrokeshire to grow while improving the natural environment.

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